Living in Paradise

When the purchase has been made, it is often a time of discovery as the couples remodels their new home. They might have thought they would rip up old flooring to enjoy hardwood floors at no extra cost, but they might find the wood needs to be replaced. Some couples choose to take down walls, and they find there are many different types of wiring that all need to be replaced. Moving in can reveal the plumbing is already less than adequate, so living in paradise is not going to occur as soon as they expected.

Modern property buyers are wise to invest in an inspection before purchasing any property, but even that will not always be able to tell them just how good or bad things can get. Many times a property has been renovated by previous owners trying to save money, and they did not always follow the regulations at the time. Wiring is often a victim of this type of home renovation, and it can become a major issue if different wiring types are hooked together.

Plumbing might seem fine when the inspection is done, but it can take months before a purchase is finally made. Cold weather in an unoccupied building can cause pipes to freeze and burst, and it becomes a problem for the new owners if it goes undiscovered. Even with a property with adequate plumbing might need more work.

Many areas now require sub-flooring, so covering a bad section of floor with carpeting or linoleum can hide issues. While that might not have been the goal of the owner at the time, it can become an issue when a new owner rips up whatever is covering the wood floors to find they have their own set of issues. Some of them might be easy and inexpensive to repair, but others might just break their budget.