Veterans Helping Veterans
The Veterans of Foreign Wars has a rich tradition in enhancing the lives of millions through its community service programs and special projects.  From providing free phone cards to our nation’s active-duty military personnel to raising money for  memorials, the VFW is there. Honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice by
helping those who protect America.
Melissa Decker, Canteen Manager – canteen@vfw.org
Web Master – tevanov@gmail.com

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Upcoming Events
Bingo every Wednesday 6:15 PM
Bingo every Sunday 4:15 PM
Pool tournament every Tueday 7:30 PM
Pool tournament every Wednsday 7:00 PM
Pool tournament every Friday 7:30 PM
Dart tournament every Friday 5:30 PM

Triathlon, every second Saturday, 2 PM, $5
Thursday – Dec 8 General Membership Meeting 7pm.

Friday – Dec 16 Jim Nix in the Canteen! 5:30pm

Saturday – Dec 17 Post Christmas Basket pick-up 10:00am!

Saturday – Dec 17 POST CHRISTMAS PARTY!! 7PM!

Saturday – Dec 31 New Year’s Eve Party! 7pm in the Canteen!
Breakfast served at 11:30pm!

Tuesday – Jan 10 Auxiliary Dinner – Mexican Food! 6pm!

Thursday – Jan 12 General Membership Meeting 7pm.

Saturday – Jan 21 PP & VOD Awards Banquet in ballroom