A Home Project

The cost of a new home can be exorbitant, and many have found their budget will not stretch that far. Rather than continue to rent...


Living in Paradise

When the purchase has been made, it is often a time of discovery as the couples remodels their new home. They might have thought they...


Before the Search

It might seem it is the job of the real estate agent to do all the searching and property selection when buying a house, but...


An Unexpected Buy

Looking for a rural home that is a good work commute is a challenge many modern buyers face, and their real estate agents are generally...


A Country Home

The peace and quiet of a pastoral setting is often the dream of those who plan to have a large family, but finding a place...

Couples seeking a home for the family they are planning often have a difficult time finding a house and grounds that will work the future they imagine, and the hunt can take years. They want to make sure their new home fits into their current budget, so purchasing the perfect property will be a balance between what they want and how much they can afford. Their agent might have a few surprises for them after they have looked around, and they might even find a place suited to their needs without a lengthy search.

The level of work a couple is willing to put into their new home is always part of the equation, and some properties will need a complete remodel. Others could be fine for now, but they will need to be expanded in the future. It could be impossible to get all they want, but some couples are willing to wait.